As most of you seasoned collectors are already well aware -- image, sound quality and
    imperfections in older, more obscure titles should be expected. It really depends on the
    condition of the elements (i.e.: source material) used to make the final product. All titles
    come from a variety of sources so quality will vary. They may not all be perfect, but all are
    more then  watch-able. The titles that are the most rare, out of print or have never been
    released commercially, may contain station identification markers, commercial snippets
    and/or a website logo.Some may even be hollywood screeners .Some of the thousands of
    titles offered here are not always going to be like your store bought DVDs,
    but reproductions made at your request for your private home viewing and are not made
    or meant for re-sell or commercial use . If you have questions about the quality of any title
    listed, please email me before you order and I will help you with any information you may need.

    TVM  =    tv movie
    FS    =   full screen format
    WS   =   wide screen format
    BC   =   contains the comercials that were broadcast when it was shown
    ws/fs  =   have both versions be sure to indicate which one you want
    2 Disc   means $10.00 its on 2 Disc
        3 Disc   means  $15.00 its on 3 Disc
        4 Disc   means   $20.00 its on 4 Disc
            ect  ect  ect

    We will try to give you as much info as possible date , genre , run time and star
    if you don't find the info you want please check the link below for more info.

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                                                X - Z

                X - Files Fight the Future  1998  sc-fi  122 min  David Duchovny / Gillian Anderson
    X The Man with the Xray Eyes  1963  sci-fi  79 min  Ray Milland
    X-Men    2000   sci-fi  tvm  104 min  Patrick Stewart / Hugh Jackman
    X-Men 2   2003  action  134 min   Patrick Stewart / Hugh Jackman / Halle Berry
    X-Men Origins : Wolverine   2009  action 107 min  Hugh Jackman / Liev Schreiber
    X-Men: Days of Future Past   2014  action  131 min   Patrick Stewart / Ian McKellen
    XXX : State of the Union  2005  action  101 min  Ice Cube / Samuel L. Jackson
    Year of Living Dangerously   1982  drama  115 min   Mel Gibson / S. Weaver
    Year of the Gun   1991  action  111 min   Andrew McCarthy / Sharon Stone
    Year Without Santa Claus / Rudolph's Shiney New Year /  Nestor
    Yellow Hair and the Fortress of God   1984  western  102 min     Laurene Landon
    Yellow Sky   1948  western  98 min   Gregory Peck / Anne Baxter
    Yellow Submarine   1968  animation  85 min   Beatles
    Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus   1974  animation  30 min
    Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus   1991   drama  tvm  95 min    Richard Thomas
    Yesterday's Child   1977  drama  tvm  78 min   Shirley Jones / Claude Akins
    Yesterdays Childern   2000   drama  tvm  93 min  Jane Seymour / Clancy Brown
    Yeti : The Giant of the Twentieth Century   1977  adventure  96 min   P. Grant
    Yogi Bear   2010  animation  80 min   Dan Aykroyd / Justin Timberlake
    You Belong to Me   2002  drama  tvm  95 min   Lesley-Anne Down / Tony D Santis
    You Belong to Me Forever   1998  drama  100 min   Claire Rankin / Alexandra Kyle
    You Lie So Deep My Love   1975  drama  tvm  78 min   Don Galloway / Anderson
    You Lucky Dog   2010  drama  tvm  90 min   Natasha Henstridge / Harry Hamlin
    You'll Like My Mother   1972  thriller  92 min   Patty Duke / Rosemary Murphy
    You'll Never See Me Again   1973  drama  tvm  73 min   David Hartman / J. Wyatt
    Young Again   1986  fantasy   tvm   90 min   Robert Urich
    Young at Heart   1954  drama  117 min   Doris Day / Frank Sinatra
    Young Bess   1953  drama  112 min   Jean SImmons / Charles Laughton
    Young Bill Hickok   1940  western  59 min   Roy Rogers / George 'Gabby' Hayes
    Young Cassidy   1965  drama  125 min   Rod Taylor / Julie Christie
    Young Einstein   1988  comedy  91 min   Yahoo Serious / Odile Le Clezio
    Young Frankenstein   1974  comedy  106 min   Gene Wilder / Madeline Kahn    fs
    Young Guns   1988  western  102 min  Emilio Estevez / Kiefer Sutherland
    Young Jesse James   1960  western  73 min   Ray Stricklyn / Willard Parker
    Young Joe, the Forgotten Kennedy   1977  drama  tvm  100 min   Peter Strauss
    Young Love , First Love  1979   drama  tvm  100 min   Valerie Bertinelli
    Young Man with a Horn   1950  drama  112 min   K. Douglas / L. Bacall / Doris Day
    Young People   1940  drama  79 min   Shirley Temple / Jack Oakie
    Young Runaways   1978  drama  tvm  100 min   Anne Francis / Gary Collins
    Young Sherlock Holmes   1985  adventure  109 min   Nicholas Rowe / Alan Cox   
    Your Cheatin' Heart   1964   drama   99 min   George Hamilton / Susan Oliver
    Your Mother Wears Combat Boots   1989  comedy  tvm  100 min   Barbara Eden
    You're Never Too Young   1955  comedy  102 min   Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis     fs
    You're Next   2011  horror  95 min   Sharni Vinson / Joe Swanberg
    Yours , Mine and Ours   1968  comedy  111 min   Lucille Ball / Henry Fonda
    You've Got Mail   1998  comedy  119 min   Tom Hanks / Meg Ryan
    Yuma   1971  western  73 min  Clint Walker / Barry Sullivan
    Zandalee   1991  drama  100 min   Nicolas Cage / Erika Anderson
    Zebra Force   1976  action  100 min   Mike Lane / Richard X. Slattery
    Zebra in the Kitchen   1965   comedy   92 min  Jay North / Martin Milner
    Zero Dark Thirty   2012  thriller  157 min   Jessica Chastain / Joel Edgerton
    Zodiac   2007  thriller  157 min   Mark Ruffalo    fs
    Zodiac Killer   1971  thriller  87 min   Hal Reed / Bob Jones
    Zoltan  , Hound of Dracula   1978  horror  87 min   José Ferrer / Michael Pataki
    Zombie Flesh Eater   1976  horror  90 min   Maria Perschy / Jack Taylor
    Zombie Hell House   1981  horror  87 min     Katherine MacColl / Paolo Malco
    Zorro  ,The Gay Blade   1981   comedy  93 min   George Hamilton / Lauren Hutton
    Zorro  Conspiracy of Blood   1990    adventure    97 min   Duncan Regehr
    Zorro Rides Again   1937  western   210 min   John Carroll / Helen Christian
    Zorro the Legend Begins  1990  adventure   120 min   Duncan Regehr
    Zorro's Black Whip   1944  western  211 min   George J. Lewis / Linda Stirling
    Zuma Beach   1978  comedy  tvm  104 min   Suzanne Somers / Steven Keats