I affirm that i am not working any television or movie production
studio/net work or affiliated organization.
I am not employed by ,or am a member of a
professional organization such as ascap or mpaa or any other
such group or association. I'm not employed by the
federal government,affillated agency or any type of
sub-contractor or independent agent.I am not a postal inspector.
By contracting you and I understand that
all transfers are collector to collector ,no rights are given or implied
and any incidental costs that may be
involed are not for product,but labor.
In regards to the legality of the video home recording act settled
by congress with the home recording act
(p.l. 102-563 ,106 stat 4237,codified at 17 u.s.c 1001-1010)oct. 1992 .
No action may be brought under this
title alleging of copyright base on manufacture,
importation,distribution of a digital or analog recording
medium or based on the non-commerical use of such a
device or medium.No rights are intended,
expressed or implied.this is a service from one collector to another.
the cost is for transfer ,archival
and transportation cost.. Buyer agrees to this policy.
The  purchaser has agreed that i in no way shall use this
purchase of tapes,or dvd as to bring claim ,prosecution
or suit of any kind, at any time,for any reason against the seller.
I the  purchaser  certify that i am no way associated with ,
employed by,volunteer services for or act in conjunction
with any local,state or federal government agencies..including
non-law enforcement agencies such as motion picture association
of america,naacp,or any other activist organization.
I ,the  purchaser do fully admit to this agreement i am of
my own free will entering into a legally binding contract of
agreement not to use this purchase against the seller and
i am over 18 years of age.i under stand that i am paying money
for labor involed in transfering information. not for any copyrighted material.
This video is for private viewing in my home as when it was broadcast on the air.

By buying or trading for one of my series, or movies you agree with the following disclaimer:

Your intention is to get my video for personal use only.
You aren't part of any organization or person associated with this series.
You aren't part of a law enforcement agency and your intention are only to watch
one of your old time favorite series or movies at home just as you would during a TV airing.
My series are offered to other collectors ONLY! I make no profit from the sales of
these series and I comply with the following laws:
Video Home Recording Act P.L 102 - 563, 106 Stat 4237 Codified at 17 U.S.C. 1001 - 1010 in
October 1992.
This states that no action may be brought under this title alleging infringement of copyright
based on manufacture, importation, or distribution of a digital or analog recording medium or
on the noncommercial use of such device or medium, no rights are intended, expressed, or
Supreme Court Case: Sony Corp VS Universal City Studios in 1984.
It is only illegal when mass producing 'sales' (thousands) not counting trade or credit.
I am far from mass produce sales, .
Online auctions, conventions (especially comic conventions) and other stores and vendors
(online or not)
allow such DVD sets to be sold.
All funds made on these dvd's is only use for:
Maintaining my equipment
My time and effort to create the DVD(s)
Package the DVD(s)
Travel to the post office
Time and cost of creating related websites
Trading Cost
Computer Backup
Electricity cost for TV, VCR(s), computers...
Paper, Labels, DVD-R, Blank Tapes, Cases...
Ink Cost and much more... ect.
***** No profits are made on the DVD content *****
collector to collector
non-profit   noncommercial
private  trades
transfers as per customers orders